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World's 1st USB-C Magnetic Cable For New MacBook Pros

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World’s First USB-C Magnetic Cable For 15" New MacBook Pro

Unlike most USB-C magnetic cables that only support charging 60w MacBooks, Bolt fully support 87W USB-C power adapter charging for 15-inch MacBook Pro, 60W 13-inch MacBook Pro, and all your tablets and smartphones that use USB-C.

Bring Back MagSafe Breakaway Feature

Are you sick and tired of fiddling with your USB-C cable just to plug it into the right place on your MacBook? Do you miss how easy it was the MagSafe connected to the Mac? Well good news, the Bolt brings the MagSafe feature back to your MacBook. It connects seamlessly and breaks away cleanly when yanked on, preventing your MacBook from crashing down to the floor.

Smallest Magnetic Tip On The Market

The magnetic tip of the Bolt is very small at just 8.8mm, which is 1/3 smaller other magnetic tips on the market. And it's also packed with awesome specs:

  • Compatible with 29W, 61W and 87W MacBook Power Adapter
  • Dust resistant for charging port of your MacBook
  • Rigorous 4000 times tensile test
  • Compatible to charge USB-C smartphone, tablets, laptops
  • …..and more!

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